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About Us

Telcotank is a full service management consulting , digital transformation company Telcotank was established in 2004, delivered P&L changing results and digital products for more than 14 years

Telcotank is transformative, hands-on, international management consulting and result delivery company

hands-on project management endorsed by the deep knowledge especially in high tech makes telcotank unique in delivering services.

  • Quick wins via sprints
  • Multinational team
  • New Yor's digital alley spirit 
  • We are here to support you

Telcotank has served in 25   countries and 5 continents. Our services have been delivered in countries such as US, Holland, England as well as Uzbekistan , Kazakhistan, Saudi Arabia, Northern Iraq. So geography and culture has never been an obstacle to deliver our relevant excellence.

Our Founder

Hakan Dulge

Managing Director

Telcotank Inc.

helping companies and executives around the world since 2004

Why Choose Us?

Work with us and we promise:

Clean Cut Actionable

Having served for years and large corporate boards, we do not waste time on PPTs, but create actions .

Extremely Flexible

BoD has KPIs,  so do we. Retainer plus KPI based metrics is model of engagement.

Digital Life

Be it developed or developing world, launched countless successfull digital products.

Numbers and results

Solid results and numbers,  delivered on time.

Main Services

Telcotank consultans, on average have 15+ years of experience of direct involvement in marketing, sales, brand management, international project and business development, service and product development, infrastructure procurement and contract management functions in leading corporate services organizations.

Turn Around Implementation, Business Model Development, Digitization of Corporate Assets and Models

Marketing Operations Management, Sales Channel Optimization, Product Roadmap and Optimization, Corporate Marketing Services, Consumer Marketing Services

Greenfield Launch, Mergers & Acquisitions


Telcotank provides competitive advantages for its customers by purveying proven, result producing, revenue and performance generator; business solutions, innovative services and products, business partnerships.

with hands-on project management endorsed by the deep knowledge and the experience of our team. With the vision of “Solutions providing competitive advantages fortifies long term business partnerships”, Telcotank has targeted sustainable growth by know-how transfer and on site support  for digital transformation projects.

Strategic & Tactical Implementation

Providing proven, result producing, hands-on consulting solutions for businesses and helping them achieve their full potential with deep knowledge and experience in the area of information technology  .

Digital  Transformation Services

Digital transformation with innovative & high tech skills with a specific focus on business need.

Opportunity Creation

Leading investors and consortia to niche and emerging lucrative business areas with a specific focus on high tech, and ICT investments.



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